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tech solutions to amplify your business

We are a team of passionate technologists introducing Open Source Software and it's advantages to individuals and small businesses.

How can we help you?

IT Support
I.T. and Network Support

From workstations, to servers, to printers, to networks, to private and public clouds and more, we can support the critical infrastructure that runs your business.

App and Web Development

Wether you need a new website, app, or automate your business processes, our local Computer Programmers are ready to help. Experience how Business Automation it's leading the way.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Today's World it's all about your online presense, let us help you optimize your business for Search Engines and Social Media. Stablish your brand in the Digital Market

First things first, your Free Assestment

In our Free Assestment we will meet you (Virtually or in Person) to learn more about your business and challenges.

  • Let's put a plan together
  • Business goals first
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Project Roadmap and Approval

After our Free Assestment is complete, we will review it together and make sure it meets your requirements, before implementation. After your approval it's our turn to deliver !

  • Perfect for billing purposes
  • Feel at home with how we manage your project
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